Jersey is a beautiful island located in the English Channel and only twelve miles from France. It is home to a close-knit community full of rich history, heritage and biodiversity. During your time in Jersey you will get to experience the joy of island life, vibrant social scene and some of the best outdoor activities the UK has to offer. Jersey is also host to a variety of culturally stimulating events and activities throughout the year. 


JICAS offers a range of student accommodation options, from shared lodging to independent family living. For more information email

A residential / employment status determines where you can work and live. There are four categories. Candidates entering Jersey on a student visa will need to consult the Population Office to help determine your status as a resident. For more information please click through on the learn more button.


Jersey Immigration Rules for students differ from those of the UK in that applicants are not permitted to undertake employment, unless the contrary intention appears. 

EEA and UK students can work subject to the Control of Housing and Work Law (CHWL). As it stands, EEA and UK students can work if a business has permission to employ them and there is no statutory limitation or policy prohibiting such action.

Non-EEA and UK students are subjected to both the CHWL and Immigration rules and are not allowed to work during their leave in Jersey. For more information, please click on the learn more button. 


Local Transportation 

Jersey is serviced by Liberty Bus with over 25 routes across the island.  There is a discounted student card for all sixth form and university students.

Jersey airport is an international airport located in the western parish of Saint Peter’s with regular flights to and from the UK and Europe, including several daily flights to London Gatwick and Southampton airports.

Jersey also has daily ferry services to Guernsey, the UK and France.


There are a number of sporting facilities and recreation centres in Jersey ranging from squash courts to adult basketball leagues. Fort Regent is Jersey’s largest leisure and sporting venue and offers regular classes, facilities and a fitness centre.

Jersey also has some of the best outdoor sporting life and sea-based activities in the British Isles. Surfing is at the heart of Jersey’s sporting culture. Enjoy the power of the wind and the waves, year-round in one of the British Isles' premier surf beaches, St Ouen’s Bay.