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Postgraduate Research Seminar

The Postgraduate Research Seminar series allows academics and teachers who are undertaking a postgraduate degree or are conducting original research the opportunity to present their research in an academic environment.

The benefits include:

  • Chance to crystallize their thoughts on paper

  • Peer-reviewed presentation of their research

  • Provide a much needed postgraduate community for islanders with the facilities to share ideas and networking opportunities

  • Immediate career and professional development

The series follows an academic programme and meet regularly every three/four weeks. The content of each seminar varies according to the research subject, but members will be given the opportunity to address different aspects of postgraduate work.
They include:

  • Proposals - how to write a proposal, while clarifying your main research aims and objectives

  • Literature Review – members will present their literature review in accordance to their discipline to highlight different approaches and requirements

  • Referencing – the series will address the various referencing styles and formats

  • Research Methodology – members will discuss the variety of different methods and strategies for archives, databases, manuscripts, etc

 Autumn / Spring Semester 2018-19

Samantha Blampied (PhD student, University of Plymouth), ‘Assessing the impact of marine protected area on the biodiversity and socioeconomics of Jersey’s offshore reefs’ Thursday, 13 December 2018.

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All seminars are held at Highlands College in UC 225 from 4-5:15pm